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Access® Bars

New Performance Formula Access Bar: Unleash your stored energy and burn more fat while you exercise.

Your body is full of potential energy. Just one pound of fat contains enough energy for you to run 38 miles or walk more than 55 miles - without stopping to eat anything! So, why is it that we feel completely exhausted after walking a few blocks or exercising for an hour? Blame it on your ancestors. In the past, obtaining food was often dangerous and required a lot of energy. The human body protected itself by limiting its fat-burning capability. It was great back then, but modern man doesn't have trouble getting food anymore. Today, we eat lots of fat that we can't burn off. It's no wonder more than 60% of North American adults are overweight.

Unlock Your Body's Fat-Burning Potential
During your workout, the main fuels your muscles burn are glucose (from the food you eat) and fat (fuel stored for future use). When your body burns these fuels, it creates adenosine, which enters your circulatory system, makes muscles tired, and slows down your workout. Adenosine also promotes the conversion of glucose into lactic acid. But Access Bars stop adenosine from taking effect. When you eat a great-tasting Access Bar 15 minutes before you exercise, your energy levels will soar and you'll burn fat - both vital for reaching your fitness goals.

Patented Formula Guarantees Results!
Before granting a patent for the Access Bar, the United States Patent and Trademark Office asked us to prove it was better than other energy bars. Through extensive testing, we showed the Access Bar was not just better, but dramatically helped enhance sustained aerobic activity! That's because Access Bars contain a natural food blend that blocks adenosine from being absorbed by receptor cells. The bars also inhibit the release of acetylcholine (the neurotransmitter that elicits muscle contraction) - allowing you to use more muscle fiber, which extends your workout! Because of its effectiveness, the Access Bar was granted a patent in both the U.S. and Canada.

Introducing a new flavor and a better formula!
We've added Double Fudge Brownie to our all-star lineup. Rich, gooey chocolate baked into a smooth, mouth-watering bar - you'll want to savor each bite! In fact, we've improved the flavor and texture of the other three Access Bar formulas as well. Take an Access Bar to baseball practice, to the gym, or on a bike ride. After eating one, you'll notice that you have more energy. No candy bar or sports drink can do that! With Access Bars, you get the best performance - guaranteed!
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