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Natural support for menopause, replaces lost estrogen.

The menopausal transition is marked by a drastic loss in estrogen, or what is commonly referred to as the "female hormone." This hormone is not involved only in reproduction, but in at least 300 of the female body systems! With a unique formulation of soybean, black cohosh, and dong quai, EstrAval provides a women's body the tools it needs to sustain health and well-being through this natural stage. It mimics the action of natural estrogen, helping to reduce the occurrence of hot flashes and maintaining a feeling of balance and equilibrium. And it gives you the benefits of not just soy (concentrated with 40% isoflavones), but reputable black cohosh and dong quai. Working together, these extracts help you get back to being yourself. EstrAval: Because you have a lot of living to do. Note: Studies have continually shown that soy helps maintain the normal function of female body systems. A recent study showed that taking soy supplements significantly improved symptoms such as hot flashes. (Menopause, Volume 6, 1999.)
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