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Activate Immune Complex®

Stay well... when your defenses are under attack.

The world grows smaller every day. Airplanes, movie theaters, shopping malls—many of the places we visit on a regular basis are cozy harbors for germs.

Activate Immune Complex is an exclusive combination of extracts and vitamins that have all shown, in scientific studies, to help support the body's own defense mechanism: the immune system. And unlike many similar products, Activate is not simply one extract in a bottle. Made up of three natural extracts (echinacea, astragalus, and arabinogalactan) plus vitamins and minerals (vitamins C, E, and folic acid, with selenium and zinc), it is a complete formula designed to help the body defend itself.

In a world where our defenses are constantly being stressed, Activate Immune Complex can help support, rejuvenate, and refresh the immune system—so you can stay well, be active, and enjoy the important things in your life.

Note: When you feel your defenses need a boost, supercharge your immune system by taking one capsule three times daily. Use for no more than three weeks at a time.
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